NEW Victoria Beckham out and about *PICS*

  1. I will try and find some HQs, but here are some tagged ones for now.:smile:
    vb00377ih.jpg vb00441ce.jpg vb00489my.jpg vb00525fj.jpg vb00875bq.jpg vb00909rv.jpg vb00913st.jpg
  2. I can't decide if I really love or hate that shade of lavender...
    She's still fabulous either way!
  3. Ugly bag and shoes. She looks like an grumpy old woman(first pic). She needs to at least gain 5lbs.
  4. You alway post the best pic's of Victoria B

  5. I love your posts LV Addict! And all these pics of VB just rock!
  6. What bag is that?
  7. I think it's GUCCI.
  8. is she jay-walking? lol
  9. yeah those shoes are really ugly for her feet.
  10. Shouldn't choose a bag that is almost as big as you are....:shame:
  11. She needs to get out of the tanning bad; her skin is going to look awful in about 15 years.
  12. The bag is not my fave but she looks great as usual :yes:
  13. That bag is ghastly. Also she needs to lighten up on the self tanner
  14. The bag weighs more than she does!
  15. I have to say that I'm not a big fan of the first couple pics. That bag is way too big, and the way she's standing (granted the paparazzi are on her 24/7) makes her look like she really really needs to use the bathroom!

    I do think that she's rocking it out in those jeans though!