New "Vibrato" Balenciaga Leather Bags!!!

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  1. A fellow TPF'er just let me know about these bags which are currently on the Department Femimin website! Balenciaga is referring to the leather as "Vibrato", but in fact .. it is a grained Calfskin .. YUMMY!!!! I'm in serious trouble ..

  2. Definite trip to the Bal boutique THIS WEEKEND!!!!! Need to know all about these bags!
  3. These look so beautiful!! :loveeyes: Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what else you'll find after your visit. :flowers:
  4. Oh that blue!:nuts: Looking forward to your intel.
  5. Oh man, these are gorgeous!!! Thank you for posting!!
  6. Love the leather!! And the color! Please share what you find out
  7. Beautiful bags! Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Oh oh, seriously loving the leather on that black, thanks CeeJay!
  9. Thanks for posting, the leather looks amazing and that blue is gorgeous!!!
  10. Omg I'm in trouble
  11. #11 Jul 23, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
  12. OMG ...... these leather....... im in trouble too !!!

    Ceejay, do let us know what other model it comes in.

    TIA !
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  13. I'd like to know if the black is coming with golden hardware... :nuts:
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  14. I dream of a grey or anthra in this leather with gold hw.. That would be something!