New vert gazon city *pics*

  1. My vert gazon city came in the mail today from lvlady99 on eBay. YAY! :yahoo: It is so pretty. I have always loved this color the most out of the S/S 07 swatches. But I ended up buying aqua and anthracite before the green. I know we all say this, but I am done, DONE I SAY, with buying bags until the fall collection. I have bought 7 city bags since 11/06. I now feel like I have a color bag to go with all my clothes.

    I also included pics of my new fake diamond palm tree charm, bought on eBay. It's so cute and looks so cute on the green bag. It's so apropos, considering I live in FL.

    Hope you like the pics!
    body shot green 1.jpg green2.jpg green 1.jpg green 3.jpg palm tree.jpg
  2. Congratulations! it's gorgeous. I love Verte Gazon. I think it's the prettiest green ever done by Balenciaga. Enjoy, it's beautiful.
  3. OOOHHH La La, I seriously debated on buying this bag from her too, but you beat me to it! Do you love it? It is gorgeous. SInce I am having such a hard time finding my HG I may end up getting this too.
  4. Love that color!! So pretty. Gongratulations!!
  5. Very nice. love the color
  6. Thank you, ladies, for your nice comments. Shasta, I DO love it! I had debated buying a vert gazon on eBay for awhile now. I made lvlday an offer of $1150 (she had a BIN of $1299) and didn't think she'd accept it. I also knew that bag had been on ebay awhile and never sold the first 7 days it was listed. She's never accepted one of my offers ever. She accepted!
  7. I love that color and that palm tree is too cute!!
  8. its beautiful!!!!
  9. Gorgeous! I LOVE this colour!
  10. super HOT!!! congrats!!!
  11. :yahoo:Congrats, Lizz! Love it!!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats!! It is a gorgeous bag & looks great with jeans!! :yes:
  13. Congrats lizz. :yahoo: You look amazing with it as always.:wlae: I just got my VG make up clutch today:yahoo: and i love this color. Enjoy it, it looks fab on you.:party:
  14. VG is such a hot color. Congrats on the great bag!
  15. I'm in love with that green color. GORGEOUS! Congrats