New Vert Foret wallet!!!

  1. Yesterday I went to Barneys fully expecting to get a certain Balenciaga wallet. I loved the allover studded one in black. But OMG - I saw a dark green one with RH that was just beautiful. This color was labeled vert foret, forest green. It came home with me. I cannot believe how practical this is. It fits everything and more. I'll get pics up late today.

    Now I've been reading about pine green and am a little confused. When I was looking for and reading about the all over studded wallets and matching clous bag, a poster said she saw it (the clous bag) at NM in pine green. I did not see it in a green color, but Barneys had matching shoes to the clous bag. Wow, they were great!. The shoes came in black and a green color. The shoe green was NOT the same color as the vert foret, or forest green, of my wallet. The shoe green was much lighter and looked like a pine needle color. The forest green of my wallet was like the crayola forest green color.

    So when we talk about green colors, vert foret (forest green) and pine, are we talking about the same color???

    BTW - my wallet is not thin or dry feeling. I'd love a hobo or day w/SGH in this color!
  2. yes they are the same colour.

    post pics of your wallet please!!
  3. Teehee! Want to see pictures!
  4. Pics,pics!
  5. congrats! pics please!
  6. I would really want to see the pics, please..
  7. me too me too. i wanna see. :yes:
  8. i can't wait to see pics... it sounds beautiful!
  9. Post pics please - inside and out....ooooh and dimensions too if you can.
  10. How exciting! It sounds beautiful! Pics when you can!!! I feel like Pine is getting second stringed and it really seems like it has the potential to be a beautiful color to wear!
  11. Yes - I am the person who was moaning about my new Pine / Forest Green City last week. I decided to accept its relatively minor faults in favour of its wonderful colour. I am now using it every day!!!

    I am very keen to see the photos of the matching wallet too.
  12. Aww that's awesome! I'm happy that you are enjoying you beautiful Pine!
  13. yes yes ...wannna see pics...Sounds like a beauty! CONGRATS
  14. Finally the pics n'stuff. Sorry it took so long...some days I just can't get it together:shame:

    First the dimensions:
    Length = 8.5"
    Width = 4.5"
    Thickness (stuffed) = 1 and 5/8
    Size of front zippered compartment = 4 x 2.5"

    Second, some comments:
    This fits a checkbook including the cover inside, hallelujah!
    Two cards can fit inside each card slot
    The color is nummy
    The zipper tape matches well, unlike a pic of a vert foret bag w/SGH That Jenova has. Must be the zipper manufacturer???
    This is such a useful wallet. I really like the zip around feature.

    Third the pics:
    The first one is inside under ambient light. The last three were taken outside.
    vfcompin.jpg vfcompout.jpg vfcompout1.jpg vfcompout2.jpg
  15. That's really a beautiful color!!! And wow, it fits so much! CONGRATS!