New version of Marquises : Caviar

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  1. Hi Goyard friends,

    You may have noticed that I'm "dominating" a few thread recently. This is due to my search of a Marquises. We don't have a Goyard store here so I had to resort to emailing almost all stores re Marquises - at least those countries which I have a friend/family to buy for me :smile:

    And yes... Marquises is already discontinued and no new stocks will be released :sad:

    Anyway, Saint Honore finally replied. They have a new Marquises out called the "Caviar."
    Apologies in advance if someone already featured this.

    Here are some details of Caviar : "An exclusive version of our Marquises, called Caviar is unveiled within our second store "Chic du Chien "located on rue Saint Honoré 352.
    Designed a one-of-a-kind woven out cotton, Marquises comes with a distinguished personalization, which has to be sewn by our craftsmen.
    Our elegant purse comes in one finish only, and is valued 2,625 euros."

    I think its very nice but not sure how long I can keep this clean though! ;)

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  2. I have seen it in the 352 store. The material used is quite special and also it has to be personalized. However it doesn't quite appeal to me becos of its lack of signature Goyardine canvas.

    Good luck in finding Marquises!
  3. The marquises bag is being discontinued?? Is that worldwide?


  4. I know what you mean alizhan! Hubby actually pointed it out too. :smile:
  5. Sadly, yes. :sad:
    The Saint Honore shop told me that production has stopped about a month ago already.
    Several Goyard stores worldwide are basically just unloading whatever is left - which means mostly orange and yellow. Even Goyard London replied that they have no more Marquises already. :sad:
  6. Thanks Reeco for sharing! This new fabrication is interesting.
  7. You're welcome, c18027! :smile:
  8. I love that! I like that woven pattern. I love my Marquises already though.