New version of Bayswater (with the wings)- who actually has it?

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  1. Ok, so I've been hunting around for a laptop work bag and I've found rave reviews for the old version of the bayswater. The issue is I do like the new version of the bayswater better but I can only find reviews and photos for the old one! (yes, I realise everyone seems to love the old version)

    Is there anyone who owns the new version or who has seen it in store (either the small grained leather version or the new leather version) and can comment on it? Do you think it will hold a 13 inch laptop just fine and not get too deformed? I love the structure of the new version and how they have scaled back the hardware (I'm more of a minimalist/clean lines bag girl). Please comment! TIA!
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  3. Thanks for directing me to the appropriate thread!! I kept on searching for "new bayswater" and people revealing their heritage version bayswaters kept on showing up.

    I see that it should be able to fit a laptop according to dimensions but I'm more concerned about it making the bag less structured over time.

    If everyone doesn't it like it that much, maybe I can get it for crazy cheap when it gets discontinued eventually :smile:
  4. I like it. I don't need a bag as big as the bays so I bought the satchel. The leather is lovely and the bags are well made. I doubt you'd need to buy a liner in order to keep the new bag in shape as many have for the older style bayswater. There has been some vociferous posting about the new bags, but I think you just need to make your own decision!
  5. I think the larger size would defo fit a laptop, I had a play last week and it seemed larger than the old.
    I'm not sure if I'd want to carry a laptop in one though as it would be way too heavy for everyday.
    The new ones (I saw the oxblood) seemed to be more structured than the original but I'd worry about the strain/stretching on the handles more than anything.
  6. Yes, thank you for your input!! If I'm going to be buying something for that price, I'm really hoping it is decently durable :smile: And I have definitely noticed the hardcore opinions on the bag. It almost swayed me for a second but I like what I like!

    I only need to carry a laptop from time to time so hopefully that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I didn't think of the handles stretching! I will have to look into it now. I was mainly concerned about the bottom looking horrendously stretched out. Thank you for your help!!! I will keep it in mind when looking at the new bags :smile:
  7. I think they need to be really overloaded to stretch but I've seen a few where the tubing has snapped or stretched - it can be repaired though.
  8. The old Bayswater is very durable - I have had mine for 10 years (it's an oak one in Darwin leather - the old version of NVT) and I have used it for university, shopping (which included a milk that leaked and ruined some heavy university maths books but the bag seemed to survive without a stain), carry-on and weekend bag. I've carried whatever needed to be carried in it, and my dog has been sitting and sleeping in and on it.
    It has never been repaired - it is worn, but it still has many years of life left I think - but I also don't mind that the bag gets patina and battle scars. The oak one will show more wear than a black NVT. Based on my experience with other colours (red, green and so on), I'd suspect that the colour would wear off over time - I have a green mini Alexa where the green has worn off in the corners, showing white underneath.

    I've posted pictures of how my Bayswater looks in the thread about how the Bayswater wears:
  9. Saw a lady at the train station with Coca's new clay Bayswater. She wore it tucked in with wings out and she looked really good with it.
    I had my 'new' classic bays (black soft grain with soft gold) with me and much prefer the classic style. However the lady looked lovely with her new Coca Bayswater and it totally suited her.
  10. Hi you should check out the thread on the new Bayswater. There were some photos there. I added a response to this thread saying I saw a lady with the new clay bays and she looked really good with it.
  11. Funny my mum saw them today for the first time and she hated them ..literally could not believe they were mulberry she told the SA too..they were awful lol
  12. If someone has the new version of this bag will you please post mod shots or a video link, please please please

    I think the new version looks nice and like it will age better than the old version
    Which in my opinion ends up mostly looking battered after a while
  13. I don't own the new Bayswater. But today I was shopping in Leeds and a woman had the new small Bayswater in Oxblood.I actually did a bit of a double take. It hasn't aged well, it had lost a bit of its structure and looked a bit wrinkly? Of course, I don't know how much she's taken 'care' of it, or if she just uses it freely and isn't bothered. But it looked awful, and I actually like the look of the new small one. But to see it in the shape it was, when the new bays hasn't even been out that long was a bit shocking.
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  14. No one has yet posted who has bought one says it all really
  15. The ones i saw new in store also looked awful from minimal handling as the store was empty ...despite all the hype few buyers it appears