New Version Gauffre

  1. Has anyone seen this in the stores yet? :confused1:
  2. Styledrops has it in black. Here's a peek. Seems to be a bit smaller than the Gauffre that's similar,but the Prada tag is the metal triangle type on the side. I like the side pockets on this one too.

    Prada handbags and purses
  3. I haven't seen it but am liking it:yes:
  4. ^^^Me too Rachel! All the other Gauffres are either HUGE or way the heck over 2K. This one isn't cheap at $1750, but me likey, especially the shoulder strap and the side pockets!:yes:
  5. That not a new version..its been out as long as the others.Its pretty but I NEVER wear hobos any more.Prefer tote styles alot better
  6. I LOVE this bag! So beautiful and soft! :love:
  7. Ah-hah! found it! I knew someone posted pics. Pelinaka bought this bag! :love:Check Here and Here.
  8. Well, for better or worse, here we go again:

    This one's on the way, but from BG this time. I KNOW they have them in stock. There were 14 when I ordered mine. Just got off the phone with the shipping folks and they swore it would be here tomorrow.

    I refuse to get excited about it though. I'm having flashbacks to last Friday and I'm not big on reruns.:yucky:

    Thanks for the links to Pelinaka's thread, Audrey. Wow, it really is pretty when you see it in real lighting on a real person! :wtf:
  9. You will LOVE it! Congrats Prada Psycho!
  10. Love this bag, I have it in black, easy to carry as a hobo and looks great carried by hand, it hangs really nice. It came out the same time the other gauffre bags did. My SA at Neiman Marcus said there were 12 in their stock on Sat., I was thinking about it, and she called me 4 days later, to tell me that there were only 3 left, so I snagged one--a hot seller--you'll love it
  11. ^^^LOL! This ended up being another installment in my Perils of Prada story. BG actually mucked up the order and canceled it on me for no reason. Two days before this, there was the trip to the "We Don't Take Visa" store, so I threw up my hands at that point and bought my new MJ Cashew Stam!!

    Me so happy, too! Love my Stam. :tender:
  12. Aww, so you didn't get the Gauffre hobo Prada Psycho? That's okay, the MJ Stam is a gorgeous replacement
  13. i am glad to see that those who are loving the prada gauffre are also liking the MJ stam. i am obsessing over these two at the moment. not sure which to get first... any thoughts?
  14. Prada ..Hands down..Havent touched my MJ bags since I got my 2 Gauffre bags!!LOL!
  15. returned my MJ stam and replaced it with the GIGANTIC gauffre frame bag... thinking obsessively about the antic cervo now... (btw, can someone tell me if my husband is the only one who thinks that at 5'5" i should only carry the gauffre frame bag during travelling and not daily in the city..?)