New Versace Shirt

  1. I just got a great sale at Neimans!

    And wanted to share it hehe!! I'll get the shirt in a few days, so I just can't wait!!

    versace 01.JPG versace 02.JPG versace 03.JPG
  2. I love it !! Its very sexy. Enjoy !
  3. Cute! Perfect for summer!
  4. Wow, great deal! Congrats, its a gorgeous shirt!
  5. Love it.
  6. lovely, perfect for the summer!
  7. wow, bargain. i love it
  8. Congrats!its a gorgeous!
  9. Wow, amazing price!! Love it!!
  10. Very sexy-congrats
  11. Thanks!! I was so shocked when I saw that bargain! I almost fell over!! ;)
  12. Slim line, I love it!
  13. i like your shirt very cute.
  14. Cute!Its lovely!
  15. I love it! Post pics! :smile: