New Versace Perfume...!!!!

  1. Ok sooo a few days ago I received my Saks bill and it came with a sample of the new Versace perfume inside.
    Well, the envelope has been sittin on my desk and it's driving me INSANE!!!!!!!

    That thing smell SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious that I have had it and I am gonna go pick it up tomorrow !!!

    Has anyone smelled it yet?

    It's unbelievably sexy. :nuts:

    Heres the link:
  2. I loooove Versace Crystal Noir but I haven't smelt this one yet. However I just got a rewards certificate from Nordie's's either this or Flowerbomb which is another one I haven't actually smelt but which sounds delicious.
  3. Nevermind..."Exclusively at Sak's", duh! Well I guess there's no reason I can't get both!
  4. heheh! I guess its only avail @ Saks b/c I tried to look for it on they didn't have it.

    It smells deeelicious!
  5. Are you talking about Versace by Versace? That's the only new one from them, this year.

    Other than Versace Dreamer, Blonde and Crystal Noir, I haven't really paid much attention to the Versace perfume line. This fragrance has some lilac, jasmine, and cedar... so maybe I'll give it a spray, when I see it.
  6. I think the latest is the Crystal Noir.. I have the Bright Crystal but it's probably not that one since I got it a few months ago. Let us know!
  7. oo i love versace perfumes! I cant wait to try that one!
  8. First post! yay!

    Anyways, my mom recently came back from her vacation to the Philippines, they were selling this on the duty free from her flight from Seattle to Taipei. She said she bought me Versace 'Bright Crystal' and when i saw this i was kind of disapointed... Until i smelled it! It is very unique and something i dont see a 16 year old like me wearing, but i LOVE it! It hasnt been released yet here in the US (i think) so i need to remember not use it too much, because i do not want to run out before it is released! I love it and i think this is my signature scent =)