New VERONE Suhali color up on!

  1. Pictures of the new Verone color are up!! Also the Le Superbe, Le Confident, & Le Precieux have made it onto the site!

    Verone looks fabulous with gold hardware!! I think if it had silver hardware, it would be too plain and dull, and the gold really brings out the beige undertone over the gray.

    It looks gorgeous on the Le Fabuleux!

    I'm so excited to see this colour IRL!! :nuts:
  2. Still not too sure about the gold hardware with the grey. I guess it's not as cool of a grey...but still. Anyway, I'm off to see pics of the Le Precieux!!
  3. The black Le Precieux looks just as good as the white!! I am so pumped, hahaha.
  4. Thanks for posting!!! :biggrin:
  5. ohhhhhhhh pretty!!!!
  6. Le Superbe is on too :nuts:
  7. it is soo pretty. I love verone colour !!!
  8. Saw this IRL a few days ago. IMO I like the color on the LeFab the best. It sorta looked like elephant skin on the rest of the Suhali bags I saw. Just my opinion:angel:
  9. Just by looking at the picture I'm not liking it.

    I probably have to see the color in person as it sometimes looks different then what you see in the pictures.

    Thanks for posting! :heart:
  10. I love it!
  11. Thanks for posting the info .. I LOVE this colour .. the contrast between the grey and gold hardware is just stunning ... I looked at the lockit PM & MM and they were beautiful:heart:
  12. i think its really pretty!!
  13. Did you see the new coin purse le mignon cute is THAT:nuts:
  14. I saw them in personal the other day and IMO they are stunning :heart:
  15. Stunning!