new vernis red - is it going to be permanent?

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  1. i saw the new red pieces today and they are absolutely gorgeous! :love:
    i'm usually not a red kind of person but lately i'm beginning to like it more and this red is just stunning. i wanted to get more information but all the SAs were busy and i couldn't stay very long.

    is the new red going to be a permanent line? i just have to get something in this color!! (and am not sure if i have to act fast or can wait a few months to recover from all the shopping i've done lately. :shame: )

    TIA and happy new year everyone!!
  2. I don't think any of the Vernis colours are permanent and I reckon it should still be around in a few months time. I'm yet to see the new red IRL:nuts: Happy New Year to you too!!:drinkup:
  3. Vernis colours are seasonal
  4. I love the color, but I wish they has some new bag styles for vernis
  5. I agree with everyone else! It will be seasonal, however, something I find funny is that the new heart coin case will be available with last year's Vday color, Framboise and the oldest vernis color they have so far, the Perle.
    They'll eventually stop being produced but I think it also has to do with popularity of the color. :yes:
  6. I love the new vernis color! I went to go see it today. My dh said I could buy one, but I feel bad considering that I just bought the gold papillon and it isn't even here yet...oh well, it'll be around a while
  7. I believe (according to another thread) that it will be around for 6 months
  8. Agreeing with the rest of the posters here that it is only a seasonal colour :yes:
  9. I agree. I see some colors stay around longer than others. I really love the new color and I can't wait to get my hands on them. LOL.
  10. I think the only permanent thing is....Monogram...:lol:
  11. I agree it depends on how popular it is:yes: Has anyone from Aus purchased anything in the new colour as it was launched today???
  12. OH? Are the shops open today?

  13. i heard that too
  14. ^^REALLY?!?! I asked about the new Vernis color at Collins st store last Friday, the SA said it would be available in Feb?!:wtf:
  15. The valentine's items will be released early Feb but the new vernis colour is due out today:yes: