New Vernis Pouch on UK Vuitton

  1. I was just browsing the UK site and saw it .. it is SOOOO cute:love:
  2. It is really cute, especially in pearl!!!!
  3. It is cute in ALL the colours:heart:
  4. it drives me mad that they put the things on the uk site but with no price and u cant purchase it till its been there for like 1 mnth or something!
  5. here you go ...
    belt.jpg Flat poch  Pomme D'amour.jpg flat pouch.jpg
  6. Thank you:heart:
  7. Thanks bagfetish!

    I :heart: this pouch!...Is it overkill to get one in every color if you can't decide?:rolleyes:
    Probably, but I may anyway.....:push:
  8. NO WAY:nuts: How limited is this compared to the heart purse???
  9. it is cute..
    i like pink

    i might chnage mind form heart vernis to pouch..:p more useful
  10. Thanks for supporting my overindulgence!:p
    They are limited (6 month run), but I would think slightly less in demand than the heart shaped coin purse, but I could be wrong and I also don't know how many they'll make of this vs the coin purse....:shrugs:
  11. oh!! heart vernis also cute..
  12. Oh wow, I have not seen this yet. I definitely love this piece and is probably more practical than the heart shaped purse! I would love to see the inside of this pouch, any details of the price?
  13. That is cute.
  14. Oh I just love this!! I might get this one instead of the heart purse because I need a new cosmetic pouch and this would be 2 in1 in the meaning of satisfying something in pomme d'amour and having a second and smaller make-up pouch.
  15. $390. And it is quite smalll. Only slightly bigger than a regular cles and vernis does not give much, so I don't know about putting more than ccs and $$ inside.....:shrugs: