New Vernis Pieces to come (FYI)

  1. In February, in celebration for :heart: Valentines Day, Louis Vuitton will be launching 4 new Vernis SLG's (small leather goods). These include:

    1. Heart Cles (which I am sure everyone on PF know about)

    2. Flat Poch. (very similar to the fairly new Multicles Rabat in Monogram)

    3. Bag Charm/Key Ring (same as the Pastilles M/C Key Ring)

    4. Cell Phone strap

    All pieces have the same charms which you see on the Heart Cles. All four are avaiable in the new Pomme d'Amour, Framboise, and Pearle. I am almost positive that all the charms on each product will all be the same color as the color of the SLG's. I know for sure that the Heart Cles is a one shot product, so it is quite limited. As for the other pieces, I am currently unsure. But regardless, I suggest you add your name to a waitlist for any of these products as they all may be one shot.

    Happy Shopping! ;)

    Your friendly neighbourhood SA...
  2. P.S. The Flat Poch. will have the same brass chain and charms as the Heart Cles.
  3. Thank you so much for the valuable information!! It's so nice to have our own neighborhood SA here at the PF!! I've already waitlisted on the heart-shaped cles--- I can't wait!!!
  4. Thanks Nick!:flowers:
  5. Thank you so much for the info.
  6. :nuts::wlae:can't wait! Thanks for the info!!
  7. Thank you Nick!!
  8. thanks for the info, you are so NICE!!!!
  9. Thank you for the info. It really is nice to have our own SA here...
  10. Omg, thanks for the info! How much will the cell phone strap be? Do you have any pictures you can post pretty please?
  11. thanks!
    yet. no thanks...
  12. Unfortunately, I can not quote prices here, as they may change when the product is launched. You are more than welcome to visit or call your nearest LV location for a current pricing or price quote. Posting of photos are absoultely forbidden especially as an SA (sorry I hope you understand) :sad: Can't risk any chances. Sowie.
  13. Thanks Nick, you rock!
  14. Here you go:

  15. Thanks for the heads up......I think I like the idea of the envelope more than the heart! =)