New Vernis Key and Change Holder~

  1. I was looking at pictures of Lindsay Lohan when I noticed that she is currently using a red LV Vernis key and change holder. I fell in love with the colour ages ago but forgot about it until a few days ago.

    I made my way to the closest LV store and asked them what colours they had. The nice SA said that they had beige, pink and white. I asked about red and she said that it has been discontinued and that she would have to check in the back. She came back with a smile on her face and said "This is the last one!"

    The colour is even more gorgeous IRL, so I asked her if they had any wallets or anything else in the same colour. Unfortunately, they only have a card holder, and since I don't need one, I passed. :crybaby:

    Anyway, here are pics of my new key holder and a few of it's new LV family members! Thanks for letting me share~
    LV 005.jpg LV 003.jpg
  2. yay! red vernis is soo stunning and cute LV family!
  3. :yahoo: Congrats! It's such a beautiful color and you're one lucky girl!!!;)
  4. thanks girls!

    i just wish i hadn't forgotten about this lovely colour before they discontinued it!!
  5. really cute!!!! Congrats!!!
  6. Congrats! I've got the red one too and I :heart: it.
  7. Red vernis is absolutely gorgeous! Photos don't do it justice.
  8. What a gorgeous color...and goes perfectly with the rest of your "family"!
  9. I love the red vernis. Great purchase!
  10. GORGEOUS! you're so lucky to get the last one! :yes: i have one, and it's too pretty to use!!!
  11. Pretty! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. Yay! Congrats! You're so lucky! I love the red vernis!:yahoo:
  14. thanks ladies!!

    as you can all see from my second photo, I'm new to vernis. so i have a question: how do you keep it clean? the SA was sweet enough to remind me to keep it away from moisture and plastics that may imprint themselves on the leather. so far i've kept it inside the little pouch in my do you ladies do it??
  15. very sharp color! great choice!