New Vernis Items

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  1. At the boutique today I saw the new Vernis Malibu Street and The Brentwood. I want both..they are soooo hot. I wasnt thrilled with the color choices but they are so beautiful.

    They are on the LV website.

  2. What colors did you see them in?

    I'm searching eBay for a gently used Vernis Reade or Lexington for my birthday from the bf. I'm hoping to find one in perle, beige or marshmallow :love:
  3. Cristina
    I saw both in Pearl and Raspberry. They where both hot hot hot.
    Makes me rethink the chanel tote now... :smile: I tried on your tote and it was tight on the shoulder. Sniff Sniff
  4. Nooo! :sad:

    I think I liked the Brentwood when I saw it on LV's Web site. That would be a nice purchase, both of those colors would be great for spring/summer :nuts:
  5. I just loved how well it fit on my shoulder..and it looked more proportionate on my frame. I am pretty tall 5' 10".
    I think the chestnut would be good. I am afraid of the pearl.
  6. I wish the LV website wasn't in flash! Chanel, too.

    Such a hassle to get pics from!
  7. I was trying on a bag at the LV boutique this weekend and I saw a woman next to me trying on The Brentwood in framboise. It's a nice bag, but in my opinion, if you already have the Houston, the Brentwood might look somewhat "too similar". Or course, if you LOVE the Brentwood, by all means, consider buying it.
  8. I like the Houston better than the Brentwood still. But if you like it, get it. The Vernis collection is my favorite. I have yet to own a piece. I'm hesitant because of my concerns with color transfer and such.
  9. I love the Brentwood Vernis. Anyone know the price of it?
  10. LV called me to tell me that the minna street was in..i looked at the dimensions and its pretty close to the same size as the accessories pochette...which it too small for me. i need to stay away from the boutiques for fear of coming home empty pocketed! haha
  11. I heard the Brentwood is $1280.
  12. I just got back from the LV Boutique a short while ago..the Minna Street is SO cute! I want it so bad, but since its to be worn across the body, color transfer is inevitable it seems!

    The Brentwood is quite a bit larger than the Houston, which shocked me, I still like the Houston shape better.
  13. Some images I made! I got these images from, the rest of it (fonts and design) are by me. :amuse: Just wasting time and having fun. These are great bags, I saw them at my last boutique visit. The Minna Street is very small and cute.


  14. clanalois! don't tempt me any further! i just wanted to take the minna home with me! it was so hard to pry myself away! i just love you can wear it cross body, but i have this terrible fear of vernis items now! *cries*
  15. i like the vernis wallets very much especially the smooth-shinning surface .......are these Vernis scratchable ?