New Vernis Items

Jan 25, 2006
There are the two new Vernis styles on now. So cute! I like both, esp. the one that can be worn across the body! *runs to check cc balance hehe*

*Sorry I do not know how to link pics from vuitton website.
Pretty! I like the "Brentwood". My favorite Vernis bags are the Houston and the Maple Drive. I was looking at the Maple Drive on E-Luxury a little while ago. It would pretty much be an impractical purchase, since the shape isn't the most versatile, and Vernis bags are harder to take care of. But, it's :love:
I'm not too crazy about the new styles...the Minna Street looks too similar to the Biscayne Bay. I wish LV would bring back the Bleeker and the Spring Street or a slight variation of them :love:.