New Vernis Items

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  1. There are the two new Vernis styles on now. So cute! I like both, esp. the one that can be worn across the body! *runs to check cc balance hehe*

    *Sorry I do not know how to link pics from vuitton website.
  2. Pretty! I like the "Brentwood". My favorite Vernis bags are the Houston and the Maple Drive. I was looking at the Maple Drive on E-Luxury a little while ago. It would pretty much be an impractical purchase, since the shape isn't the most versatile, and Vernis bags are harder to take care of. But, it's :love:
  3. ooooh the brentwood is gorgeous!
  4. I love the vernis line :biggrin: Glad that there are now more styles.
  5. thanks for the heads up blushing!
  6. Wow! I love both. The vernis line is so cute. Makes me want to buy another piece. Anyone know prices on the two new items?
  7. I've got to get the Minna! They will be available March 1. The price of the Minna is $840CDN. (I called...hehe...I'm so impatient now!)
  8. I love the minna too .. do you think it would be hard to care for due to it being vernis??
  9. I have to pass...I don't really love either of them.
  10. The Malibu Street (under the Clutches & Pouches section) is also one of the new Vernis bags. That one is my favorite of the 3.
  11. I'm not too crazy about the new styles...the Minna Street looks too similar to the Biscayne Bay. I wish LV would bring back the Bleeker and the Spring Street or a slight variation of them :love:.
  12. Me too! I just wish they would come out with some new colors for the Vernis. I don't really love any of them.
  13. I'm crossing my fingers for a light cream/peachy color (kind of like champagne roses) to come out in the Vernis. I would just die.
  14. ooooh, pretty! I love the brentwood and malibu square with the clasp!! anyone know prices yet?
  15. the brentwood is really cute! i like the pearl especially. but i'd be so scared of color transfer!
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