New Vernis info and a fab SA!!!

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  1. Yesterday I was at Garden state plaza mall and went to LV, as soon as I entered I met the best SA!!! As soon as I entered the store he greeted me and showed me everything. He was pulling bags out for me to try and giving me his honest opinion on bags I was intrested in, this guy knows and loves his LV. He was telling me what bags in his opinion dont look good with patina ect. He brought out the neverfull and showed me what a great tote he thinks it is for travel. We talked and talked then finally I asked him about the vernis hearts. OK turns out they are making them again for Valentines day, He said red, I flipped out lol, he said there is going to be a new red not like Pomme or old red, and a new pink Vernis. They will be different from any other old vernis colors. hmmm . He also wouldnt confirm the mirror heart. LOL. I really enjoyed the time I spent talking with KEN!! Big shout out to him. If anyone wants to order anything from him, he would love to hear from you guys. He will put anyone on a waitlist and gladly ship. He was nice and really not lookin to make a sale, just to talk LV. IT was great.:tup:
  2. Ugh..not another Red and pink :tdown: but the SA sounds nice :smile:
  3. Forgot to say we were talking about the neo cabby in black and it is extremely limited , in his words. They are expecting more but he says France sometimes changes it's mind and doesnt go thru with more production , since thier is a new black denim coming out. So if you want neo cabby black get on some lists now because it wont be around for ever.
  4. This is great news. I love pink and I was really upset that I never got the pink vernis heart last year. I'll have to get it this coming Valentine's day.

    I hope the new pink is as pretty as the
    framboise, which I absoulutly love!! I can't wait to see how the new colors look.
  5. Thanks for the info!
    But I have way too many pink (Marshmallow, Fuchsia, Framboise) and red (Rouge and Pomme) now..I wish they'd come up with a new color.
  6. i wonder if they'll do the flat pouch again! I want one of THOSE..
  7. Ohh my. I'm not sure how excited I'll be about more red and pink, either...
  8. Thanks for the info....and I'm glad to hear of a positive SA story rather than all those "clueless" SA threads I see posted here....

    The hearts are cute, but just basically if they were to come through with a MIROIR accessory piece, that would be eyecandy worth considering !!!
  10. ooh thanks for the info! but what possible shade of pink and red could they make? lol

    glad you found a great SA to work with!
  11. I am actually quite excited to hear about a new pink! Maybe I should wait to get a new agenda after all!

  12. You don't know how happy this makes me!! :biggrin:

    I missed out on the hearts last time and this time even if they're whatever priced, I HAVE to get one! :yahoo:
  13. thanks for sharing!! a darkish pink would be nice ... like fuchsia mixed with a dab of amarante ...
  14. Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  15. I'm getting the miroir heart if anything. :yes: