New vernis indigo shows up on! Pic!

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  1. First off - I haven't been closely watching the new LV stuff over the summer so if this is old news a mod can delete this :smile:

    I have seen the blue inclusion speedy a few members have purchased and now the "indigo" blue vernis has shown up on! Apparently it can't be ordered yet but I can't wait to see it! :nuts: I assume this isn't the "old" indigo, right??

    Here's a pic from;jsessionid=C550CA210YIS4CRBXUFFAGIKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=fr_FR:
  2. oohh, it's SOOOO pretty!!!!
  3. it is the old indigo they have done it with mandarin epi too for some reason they are showing but not available some pieces are available not so long ago you could get the bedford in indigo but that gone too.

    They aren't releasing but I think they may be clearing stock
  4. pretty, love it! :biggrin:
  5. Ack it's not a new parallel release like amarante inclusions/vernis was? Now I feel silly lol. :shame::hysteric::lecture:

    So the blue inclusion line doesn't mean that LV will offer blue vernis soon?
  6. ^ I don't think so & I haven't heard anything about new vernis plus with amarante being released recently I think we'll have to wait a little longer
  7. ^Thanks label.
  8. yep, that's the old color. it's pretty though!
  9. The indigo is Beautiful!:love:

    I bought an indigo houston that I have never ever used.
    The color is so beautiful and weird as this may sound - just seemed to pretty to use.:shame:
    I should probably sell it and the indigo lexington I bought and use the money towards a bag I will get more usage out of.
  10. I love that color! I am sooo sad it is not going to be available again!
  11. Sorry to say that is the old indigo!
  12. I've notice some old stuff has been showing up on the web site. A week or so ago, they had black inclusion up there.
  13. Yeah, quite disappointing too. The indigo cles is something I would love to get my hands on!
  14. yeah it's old indigo :sad: i was in there last week and overheard SAs talking about whether they would make a vernis in the blue inclusion color and as of right now there are no plans. SA shook her head.
  15. I agree.