New Vernis Hearts for F/W!!!!??!!!!??!!!!

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  1. I was talking with one of the SAs at LV tonight...and she mentioned that they are going to re-release the Vernis hearts in the Fall. She said they don't have 100% confirmation on the colors...but definetly will be Amarante, and maybe even Pomme....but probably not Framboise.
    I regret not buying one.....and so now I am contemplating waiting until fall rather than paying above retail for one now!
  2. They would be so pretty in Amarante!
  3. :drool: amarante. i still think the pomme heart is TDF! but i the amarante will be on my list!
  4. Cute but what's with all the re-releases???
  5. Aw crap...Mo money
    Why am I such a sucker for LV??
  6. OMG -- that is so great! I really hope that they bring a pomme heart out! I really regret not getting one and can't talk myself into paying more than retail. But amarante would be pretty too!
  7. Omg Amarante :nuts:! Argh, I hate how I want everything that's being released soon, it's so bad for my wallet :Push:
  8. the vernis heart will look so pretty in amarante!! i can't wait for it to be released!!!
  9. kewlio!!! i cant wait!! thanks for the info Twiggers! :tender:
  10. wow - that would be great!
    I wonder if they will do the envelope too?
  11. you know what month?
  12. Yeah!!! I can get the amarante heart purse- twiggers thanks for making me smile!
  13. No problem everyone!
    The SA said they did not have any detailed information about it....but that they had 'heard it through the LV grapevine'....hence no confirmation on Pomme being re-released!

    I am in so much trouble this fall!!!!

    Although...maybe instead of rushing to buy an Amarante bag...I'll just buy the heart and hold off on the bag!
  14. Thanks for the heads-up!
  15. Oooh, I am totally on the same boat as you, twiggers. I regret not waitlisting for them when they were first released and am kicking myself for it :P

    I'm definitely going to go see my SA as soon as there's absolute confirmation about this. Thanks for the info!