New Vernis Cosmetics Cases

  1. Anybody have a pic of the new vernis cosmetics cases? I've seen the mirior version. I got the new pouche cles, but had not heard anything about the cosmetics cases in vernis until today. I'd love to see a pic if anybody has one....thanks!
  2. I have seen it the other in store in amarante. Very nice and cute!
  3. oooh, i wanna see!
  4. any pictures?
  5. It's an enigma......
  6. I'd love to see, too!!
  7. Mine is arriving on Wednesday...will post pictures then.
  8. Can you tell me how much it is and does it come in Violette. Thank you.
  9. I think it comes in pomme, violette, and amarante. I was charged $340 plus shipping by a Hawaii boutique. Mainland prices may be slightly higher.

  10. Thank you, one more question. Do you the size? Which colour did you get?
  11. I got pomme. I had PMed biancaboo asking her to to measure her fabulous silver cosmetic case and she responded with the following.

    3 1/2 inches - height
    almost 7 inches - length
    2 inches - width

    I'm hoping that the vernis ones follow the same design.
  12. oh can't wait to see it, haven't seen these either!
  13. Pics please!
  14. Can't wait to see photos:wlae:
  15. is it new?