New Vernis Colour and LVOE Collection Official Launch Dates!


Oct 17, 2006
Hello LV Lovers,

Went to an event at LV here in Sydney and my lovely SA mentioned that the new colour for Vernis is currently in stores BUT won't be released till Jan 1.

LVOE Collection has had a confirmed date of Feb 1. :nuts:

She believes that these dates are for most continents. :yes:

I would suggest everyone scramble on to the waitlist NOW!

I've got her to reserve a couple of items for me already! :wlae:
no probs girls.

I reserved the pochette wallet in the new vernis and a heart shaped accessory from LVOE collection as I don't think I will be able to afford another bag!!

I can't wait to see the red.
If it has a that vernis sparkle to it....thats gonna hurt my bank account:nuts:
Some of the vernis colors were kind of flat to me and some kind of have just that little bit of sparkle and I love that!