New vernis colors?

  1. Sorry if this is silly... I was looking at the vernis agenda on and noticed the color options... perle, hazelnut, raspberry, red. Are these colors new or did I miss something? Are hazelnut and raspberry just the english translations of noisette and framboise? :confused1:
  2. Just translations I´m afraid.
  3. yes thats correct English translations for both:yes:

  4. Weird, I thought since it said noisette and framboise on elux that it'd be the same on Thanks!
  5. The only new color I know that is coming soon is the candy apple red....the french name is something like pomme de amore (love apple)....something like that
  6. Oh, I thought hazelnut was different than noisette, I thought that was a new color, more dark and reddish, but guess i was wrong, love the noisette though.,...:banned:
  7. ^^^twinkle.tink---where did you hear about the candy apple red, and how definite is it?
    I would :heart: pieces in vernis in this color!
    After reading the other thread about it, I asked at 866 and also my SA and they are clueless about the new color for spring.
    TIA. I just get confused when I get excited for something and then call about it, and they act like I make this stuff up. :shrugs:
  8. ^^ I also heard about the new color from a PFer here. And they'll also have some special pieces for Valentine's in that color. Sounds gorgeous. Can't wait!
  9. Oh boy oh boy!!! :yahoo:
    The trouble is how do you get on any kind of wait list when they will not even confirm they are making to items?! :nuts:
    Thanks I LOVE LV!
  10. I read it here from LVstaff, she is a SA in France...and confirmed it with my SA at Valley Fair. I heard due in February as well!
  11. Thanks!!!:flowers:
  12. Yea, I wonder the same thing too. :shrugs: The SAs here know nothing. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, don't need to thank me. :shame: Thanks to LVstaff, I heard it from her too! :yes: