New Vernice Gauffre Large Satchel

  1. Hi i have just seen this bag on the NM site it is the black patent one - i love it, they do not expect to get them until late April but the problem i have is i live in the U.K., does anybody know if i can buy this bag here. Would be really grateful for any help and i desperately want this bag. thanks:yes:
  2. can someone please help me:shrugs: and answer my posting, i know i such have got a photo from the NM site of the bag but sorry:sad: i do not know how to do it.:confused1:
  3. Prada in NY delivers outside of USA..PM ME AND ill send ya my SA's contact info
  4. thanks EMMY yes that is the bag i so want.:yes:

    thanks Jill i will PM you now.

    sorry i have not come back to you sooner, especially after asking twice for help, just not feeling well at all.:sad: