New verizon phones? Actual or rumors? Help

  1. I need a new phone!!!

    My phone is over two years and after being dropped too many times to count it is finally loosing volume quality and started dropping calls....problem is I love Verizon, I have had them for abour 13 years now, with very few problems and when I have had a problem the have always been very resposive, so I am committed to keeping them (even though I have a sidekick with T-mobile,

    they hav no good phones :crybaby:! I love my ipod and it has alost 7500 songs on it, so I am not interested in a chocolate or similar MP3 player phone, I have my SK (which I love), so I don't need any data on it...

    I just want a good phone, with bluetooth and SMALL...all the phones they have right now are acually bigger than my old samsung :sad:

    I heard a vague rumor a couple of months ago that something new was coming out this summer...but have seen nothing yet :sad:.

    Anyone have any suggestions or heard the same rumor...or more info?

  2. I think if you're just looking for a phone that will just do calls a Razr may be for you. I had one for a little bit, but I needed a PDA phone.

    I think the chocolate looks cute so maybe just use it as a phone and don't bother putting songs in it or just putting your fav songs in them just for times where you don't have your ipod?
  3. The great thing about some of their cheaper phones is that they are so much smaller because they have so much less stuff on them! My sister has one that is silver and blue that is really tiny. The problem is I'm not sure about the bluetooth? I had a rough time deciding on a phone for the same reason- I feel like the more stuff I use it for, the faster I'll wear it out- and I want it to last for my two year agreement! haha. So I think if you go for a style you like, you should be fine just skipping over the rest. My BF has an EnV which I steal every time I need to send a text. However, neither of us goes any higher tech than that.

    I vote cell phone companies start making simpler phones! I had an old motorola I LOVED and the only fancy feature it had was downloading ringtones. So much smaller than my phone now!
  4. Well, take it from a person who actually pays the extra money every year to get a new phone because she can't wait...

    The new phone coming out is the razr. It's updated from the old razr. It's thiner and less wide and comes in a bunch of colors!! It looks awesome!! I am not sure when the release date is but I think it's not too far away.

    The Chocolate I had also, just got rid of sucked!! The screen scratches like crazy and the touch keys, although cool, suck too.

    I just got the krazr which came out after the razr. Its a good phone. I like it alot. It can do music I think but I don't use any of that. Really clear sounding, easy to use, a little slimmer than the razr and easy to hold in your hand.

    Hope this helps!
  5. I have a Verizon En-V and I love it. It flips open to a qwerty keyboard, so it's easy for texting.
  6. i work at best buy, and verizon has a samsung phone right now that i am LUSTING after. it has a double hinge, so it can open like a regular flip phone or like a tiny tiny laptop, if you get what i mean. i've had samsung phones for years and love them, and this phone looks absolutely awesome. i'd switch to verizon to get it, but i have a year left with sprint and have a samsung phone now that i quite like. it's not too big like a lot of phones with a qwerty keyboard - it's about the size of a razr.

    PLEASE do not get a motorola phone. they absolutely blow. the people that i work with that work over in the wireless department say that they have people come in every single day with razrs and such that have died on them.
  7. ^^See now I gotta say that out of all the phones I've had the Motorolas were the best phones.

    The guy in Verizon told me that with the razr...they got so sought after so fast that they started mass producing them and many of them sucked.

    With the new razr, now they know what to expect and hopefully won't have that problem again.
  8. Thanks so much for the info everyone!

    I had heard the the initial razrs had a bunch of problems, but were much better these must have been the new one I heard the rumor on.

    The must be expecting them to be popular because Verizon has called me twice and sent 2 postcards to reming me I am entitled to get a new phone...I have never had them do that!

    My friend has the EnV and hates figure...:confused1:
  9. this is why i love t-mobile... i'm not limited to only the phones they offer. i recently bought a samsung u600 unlocked gsm phone... just pop in the sim card, and good to go.

    i hate that we are slowest to get the good phones! they are way more advanced on the other side of the world. i'm rather impatient so i always end up ordering a phone that's not available here yet.
  10. I think cell phones are hit or miss within brands and also within the same style a lot of the time... Each person will have different luck with different brands and phones, but just as many others will say those phones are the worst. hehe. I guess all you can do is get what you like and hope for the best!
  11. The En-V is a great phone and just came out in orange.
  12. I'll be due for a new phone toward the last quarter of the year, and I have no idea what get... I've got an LG, one of the ones that came out before V (en-V?) and BF has the enV... and loves it! I think bc it has the qwerty keys, he actually texts more than he would w/a regular cell. He has some music on it, but really prefers the snippets of video he can take & save.. mostly cheesy comedy clips from his fave movies. :tup:
  13. don't ever get a razr! i've had mine for a year and i just wanna throw it against a brick wall
  14. I have the krzr and I love it. My husband the technology nerd is really into It has reviews and forums about all of the phones and if you look by manufacturer, you can usually find the phones that Verizon is going to release before they announce them.
  15. Don't touch the Razr with a 10 foot pole. Feature set sucks, UI is slow and buggy.