New Vera Wang Items @Kohl's

  1. I just checked online @Kohl's and they have a few new items-I especially love the brocade coat. Has anyone seen it in stores, and how doe's it look in person? How is it running in size?
    I like the brocade and think it would look lovely with a black dress around holidays. The sale ends on the 22th-so I am thinking.......
  2. I thought most of the items looked better IRL than they did online. As far as sizing, it was normal for Kohls. It's vanity sized, but not outrageously so. I would say that the sizing is comparable to Gap, Old Navy, etc. It's womens sizing, not juniors. HTH!
  3. I wanted to see this jacket in person too, but thought it wasn't coming out until October. :confused1:
  4. I know, but it was on its sight today when I checked.
    There was also a black coat like the brocade one.
    I took a chance and ordered the brocade one-I'll just bring back to store if I don't like.
    I aslo picked up the modal long sleeved top in indigo.
    I want the beige ruffled sweater, its also comng out in Oct.
    The good news isa they sent me the wrong items in my previous order and I got an additional 30% of the 30% sale on the brocade coat plus free shipping.
    They are even picking up UPS , the wrong order next week.
    Sometimes I get lucky. The price for the coat was 71.00!!!!!!!!:tup::tup:
  5. So the ruffled cartigans are not in yet?
    I love the modal tops, I will get more.
  6. THE ruffled cardigans are in-in black and beige.they really look nice!
  7. Arrgh! Everything is gone in small. Oh well.
  8. I tried on a few things and thought they were sized pretty true. I didn't see the brocade coat which is what I really wanted so you must be right about it not coming out until October. I did get that great white cotton shirt that has the ties on sale for about $34.
  9. It was on the site on thursday-I picked up both colors of the ruffled cardigans and the brocade coat too.-I hope they look nice-I can't wait!!!!! I have that white chirt with the tie-love it !!!!!!:tup:
  10. Yeah, the brocade coat was out in my store as well. It's cute. I picked up the ruffled cardigan in black...and I love it. Something about the way it is cut is super flattering, and I feel the same about the pin-tucked cami I bought. However, I wasn't impressed with the bottoms and the Kohls I stopped at didn't have the sweater dress that I really want.
  11. My Kohl's had everything (including the Brocade coat that's supposed to be out next month) a few days ago and I picked up some more stuff. :smile: I wish they had an XS though ahh... I wasn't that impressed with the ruffled cardigans IRL, but I didn't try them on (IMO, they looked cuter in all the ads I've seen). :smile: I bought the brocade coat in a small... it's very pretty and cut nicely. :heart: I also bought this very cute purple satiny tunic top with a hood (I think it would look really cute with skinny black jeans), and also this cream thick knit cardigan (I would've bought other colors, but there was no small in either the black or eggplant, ohh well). :smile: I think the sizing for the line overall is pretty generous... I'm not normally an extra small (usually a small in most lines), but I felt like I could've used an extra small in some pieces! :nuts:
  12. i went to kohl's today to check out the line...some of the stuff is really cute, but alas all the smalls ARE gone and the cuts are generous like fieryfashionista said. :sad:
    p.s. the clothes are on sale at kohl's. i forgot what the discount was though - sorry!
  13. I went on the website and I am actually impressed!! I could totally see myself wearing some of her pieces, and the prices are very affordable! I am going to go to kohl's in the next few days to check it all out!
    I also picked up black brocade skirt-its really nice and can be dressed up or down.
    I will wear it around holidays, I like it with black tights, they make it modern, but also can be worn with nude legs and black strappy sandals.:tup::tup: I think her pieces are pretty classic-ruffled blouses, coats, nice dresses cardigans-Several pieces may be 'trendy' but in all I think they will last the test of time.
    I can see me incoporating them in my winter wardrobe for seasons to come.
  15. It is so annoying when stores carry a designers "mainstream" line, but don't bother to carry xs!!!! SO frustrating!