New Veneta and accessories from Hawaii

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  1. The shipment with my large Veneta plus 2 coin purses and 2 cosmetic bags arrived. Couldn't wait to share photos. The colors are somewhat confusing. They told me the Veneta color is called Papaya, but the online S/S '08 catalog has similar colors called Aurora and Colonial???? Plus, it doesn't look like any papaya I ever saw.

    The Cervo cosmetic bags are in a blue that I think is Glacier (they told me it's Oceano), and a pink that I believe is Oleander. The small coin cases are Cassis and Oceano. They are both Nappa leather. The Oleander looks salmon in the photo, but it's more pink IRL. The Cassis looks like Carmino here, but it's really the deep, deep fuschia pink.

    I've been wanting a lighter neutral large Veneta and when I saw this one, I knew it was the one.
    BVPapaya1.jpg BVpapaya2.jpg BVbluepinkcosmeticbags.jpg BVbluecassiscases.jpg
  2. Great collection from your Hawaii trip, boxermom! I love how all the colors pop against the neutral color of the veneta. I can't wait to see these colors in real life.
  3. Beautiful colors!!
  4. Me likey! Boxermom, what are the color codes? I'd like to research them.
  5. Bookermoose, all so pretty! My frog is glacier..the SA called him French Blue. Whatever the color name is of the veneta it's a lovely neutral. Are your montaignes jealous?
  6. Lovely haul, boxermom!! I especially love the cosmetic cases and the "papaya" colour. If the colour is indeed called papaya, BV may be referring to the papaya flower, which is a pretty vanilla-ish colour.
  7. Congrats on such nice goodies from a wonderful trip to Maui, boxermom! The colour of our Veneta could also be Burro (which translates to butter), Aurora seems more pinkish and Colonial more greenish to me, but that could be because I don`t see the IRL-life colour of the bag.
  8. Lovely! I'm am so wanting a large veneta!
  9. Great new buys Boxermom! I like the new colors you have chosen.
  10. boxermom I dreamed last night that you got three things from Hawaii (I'm aware this makes me sound like a nutty stalker, but really I just think about BV a lot). I'm happy that you actually got five things instead of three! I especially love the cosmetic bags.
  11. Hi boxermom, beautiful colours and what great purchases!!

    Just a small note on light-coloured venetas. My DW just sent her moutarde large veneta in for polishing cause the blue on her jeans actually rubbed off on the bag, leaving a blusih impression on the bag.
  12. Thanks for the warning, triggerpuff. I'll be careful; I've never had a light colored BV until now.

    C_24, they had a Burro Veneta there so I could compare. I almost bought it instead.

    jburgh, the color code for the Veneta is 7850; the blue cosmetic bag code is 4841, which I don't think is Oceano. (isn't Oceano 4510?) The brighter blue key/coin case doesn't have a tag inside, so no code to compare on that item.

    I've never been so confused on color names--to my aging eyesight, there seem to be similar colors with different names. Add metallics and patents to the mix and I can't keep up! Some of you manage to keep track of all the new colors! I bow to you:smile:
  13. congrats on the new additions to your wonderful collection, boxermom.
  14. sorry to hear about the colour transfer, triggerpuff. it looks like one must be quite careful with lighter bv colours then.
  15. Beautiful items, boxermom. I love the "papaya" but haven't seen it IRL yet. I also have a bianco BV bag that I'm still scared to use. Seeing triggerpuff's DW's mourtard, I am even more scared now. Any one has a good polishing cream or something that works well for light color BV before first use??