New Vegas Hermes Scarf..and then some

  1. Went to Vegas last weekend. Got the Hermes Bolduc au Carre. They had to have another store send me the scarf ring. Love it.
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. Love it! Congrats!
  4. Congrats lovely
  5. That's a great scarf - enjoy!
  6. Love the new scarf and ring! I may have to get a wood ring soon, they are really growing on me...
  7. Beautiful! I quite like a scarf ring just like yours.
  8. Does the Vegas store not carry the scarf rings??
  9. Congrats on the scarf!!
    Love the quote on you sig line - LOL - so true!
  10. Nice!! I like that colourway a lot, enjoy!!
  11. Gorgeous scarf! Love that cw.

    They carry scarf rings - I interpreted her to mean they didn't have that particular one.
  12. mcmahan, that scarf is gorgeous!
  13. This is lovely, wear it in good health. the scarf ring, too!
  14. Love the scarf and the ring!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  15. Lovely scarf! Congrats!