New Used Modern Chain On Ebay Vent!!

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  1. Ok a seller posted NEW USED one time. I asked if she'd consider a buy it now. This is what she said..
    Yes, but my reserve is $2700 and that is what my BIN would be....I have the receipt so I can return it to Saks.... let me know asap...I have alot of inquiries on buying it now... Thanks,
    then i said
    "you'd return it after it being used?"

    The bag was used for 2 hours one time, that is not "used". The bag is brand new, it was bought not even 2 months ago....thanks for your interest,

    ok so who wants to go to Saks and buy a $2700 USED NEW BAG??? NOT me fed up w/ ebay sellers lies.. Good luck selling for your return price!!!
  2. Grrr!!! That makes me so mad. Used for 2 hours is USED, NOT NEW!!!!!!
  3. URGH!! I know USED for 2 hours was probably 2 weeks anyway. Why pay all the fees and go through all the hastle to sell on ebay. wonder if Saks considers it "new"? anyway she wants $2700 for a $2495 retail bag when it was new.
  4. I hate when people say new when it's not.:cursing:
  5. ^^ ditto! New = never used. I'm tired of all the listings that scream NEW in the title, in the item specifics and right at the beginning of the auction description etc, then tucked somewhere in a whole lot of verbage, is "gently used twice". :cursing:
  6. i also hate it when people say like new because one persons like new could be sombody elses used used is used !!!:rant: i once brought a purse which was describe as having everyday use it had a whole lipstick melted inside it :throwup:
  7. What about those who say used three times, meaning they bought it from some who bought it from someone who brought it from someone. It was used by three different users before. LOL.
  8. I agree. New means New. Never, ever used. Not even for 2 hours.

    See dictionary definition below:

    [SIZE=-1]new?er[/SIZE] , [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]new?est[/SIZE][/FONT]
    1. Having been made or come into being only a short time ago; recent: [SIZE=+0]a new law.[/SIZE]
      1. Still fresh: [SIZE=+0]a new coat of paint.[/SIZE]
      2. Never used or worn before now:
  9. Then you must have seen the Chanel auction that stated the item's condition as "Mint- Used"...
  10. Someone needs to send the definition of "used" to a couple of department stores. I order everything I sell from dept. stores and have received bags with combs, business cards, candy, pills and a pen before. Talk about being ticked off. You sure don't expect to receive a used bag from the major stores and it happens more and more. Whoever is suppose to be checking these bags before sending them out, must be sleeping on the job. I definitely expect brand new from a store and at the very least, if they're trying to pass off a used bag, they could at least check out the inside.

  11. I love used. LOL!