New union station collection

  1. Has anyone heard about this? Michelle at the 800 # was talking about the jewelry which is also featured in Teen Vogue from a couple of months ago. Does anyone have pics of it? TIA!:yes:
  2. Sounds promising.
  3. I think this belt is from that collection..they said it had little busses on the jewelry

  4. cuuute!
  5. Ok..I called the 800 number and the new collection comes out in mid Nov and it features trains not busses. There is a charm bracelet that has the train and other charms but it is $1385!!!
  6. the one in the picture above is from LAST year cruise collection, not this coming one.
  7. Ohh I've seen it in my TeenVogue! If no one has posted a pic by this weekend, I'll post one.
  8. cute belt!!!!
  9. So is that bag from last year too?
  10. Can someone scan their Teen Vogue? I can't find my copy with the pics of the collection. TIA