New Un Jardin Fragrance...

  1. So, I read in another post that they might/is a new Un Jardin coming out for the Year of India! :yahoo: Given that I love JCE and his scents, I am very curious as to how this new Un Jardin will smell...

    Are we thinking Spicy Exotic? Florally? Spicy Floral? What notes? Pepper, amber, musk, tea, jasmine, fruits?? :idea:

    I have never been to India, so I can't even wrap my head around the extraordinary scents that must abound...

    Anyone up for a guess? :graucho: Or at least some wishful thinking?

    My wish would be for something spicy, yet a bit florally... :yes:
  2. Maybe lotus?

    I am still dying to get the Nil set, with the green pochette. I have told my husband that it would make a divine gift for Valentine's Day. :love:
  3. Maybe curry? :sweatdrop:
  4. LOL I was thinking spicy.
    I've noticed a lot of men's fragrances have a couple of the smoky spices (starts with a C - cardamom maybe?)...probably a more spicy scent with a sandalwood note in it?