New type of Spy bag from Fendi

  1. I just came across these Spy bags on eluxury. What do you think of them? I'm not a fan.:throwup:

    New Spy Leather Hobo - $1,130

    New Spy Dutchese Satin Hobo - $960
  2. me neither i like the original spy hobo.. it looks overdone
  3. Not my favorite thing. The spy is classic and rugged. This one looks neither here nor there.
  4. I like the original ones better (medium size or baby Spy). I'm never a fan of the Spy hobo (old or new).
  5. nope don't like them at all.
  6. Not for me
  7. I like the first one but the satin is not my thing. I am so surprised by the responses from you ladies, I think that this is going to turn out like the LV fringe bag, no one liked it when they first saw the pictures of it, now their on ebay bidding up to seven thousand on it!
  8. IMO these bags look cheap, at least in the pics. They look like "inspired" bags.
  9. Yeah, no good!
  10. i don't really like this style!
  11. :throwup: I really dislike these bags! But I am not a fan of the hobo style anyways. My heart will always be with the spy and baby spy. :heart:
  12. I must be the only one who loves this bag. I saw it in honey over the weekend and was smitten :heart: but then I really don't like the baby spy.
  13. ok. i do not like them at all either! and i hope to gad that i dont end up obsessing over this thread and end up buying one!
  14. No - I am not a fan - the bay spy and original spy are the best IMO
  15. I kinda like them, I think they are something new and refreshing! Of course they will never compare to the orginal spy, but I definitly like them!