New twist: LV *and* Chanel in the same mall?

  1. A continuation of my last post asking which LV to visit in the LA area... now I want to visit Chanel as well, so was wondering which mall in the LA area has both LV AND Chanel?

    I tried looking at the store locater at, but they listed some Bloomingdale's/Neimans/Saks locations, and I'm not sure which malls those Bloomie's are in. Also - do Bloomie's usually have a good selection of the basic Chanel bags? Thnx in advance!!!
  2. It's not really a mall but I'd assume that the best selection for both stores would be on Rodeo Drive.
  3. Yeah.. I was wondering if there was an enclosed mall that had both...
  4. Ooh, I'll add this girls - I'm thinking of getting on this trip...

    One of the classic black Chanel bags (haven't quite decided yet...), and... even though I said I wasn't getting another wallet... a Pomme Vernis Koala. I need a smaller wallet, and my LV wouldn't look so good with the Chanel imo. I don't really want a Chanel, and I figure a Pomme Koala will go with just about anything.

    I don't want to go too crazy because my heart purse and Rivets bag are on their way in the not too distant future!!!
  5. The mall that I know is the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills. There's an actual Louis Vuitton store and a Blommingdales that sells Chanel.
  6. Doesn't SCP have both?
  7. Yes South Coast Plaza does have both and a lot more other great stores!!!
  8. is this a recent thing? i've never seen chanel at the bloomingdales there before. i'll have to go check it out.

    rodeo has both lv and chanel boutiques. the Neiman Marcus by rodeo (on wilshire blvd.) has a chanel counter. the saks by rodeo (on wilshire blvd.) has a chanel counter (and maybe a lv counter...i don't remember). south coast plaza has both lv and chanel boutiques. the saks at south coast plaza also has a lv counter. the Neiman Marcus at fashion island has a lv and chanel counter.

    i hope this helps!
  9. The only two malls I know that have LV and Chanel together are,Rodeo Drive, and South Coast Plaza.
  10. THANKS GUYS!!!!!! just what i needed to know!! :smile:
  11. You will love Rodeo, and SCP, they have soooo many good stores!
  12. I like SCP better! Have fun! : )
  13. Yeah, Rodeo sounds cool, but I'd rather go to something that's inside. I'm really sensitive to the sun AND I am cold easily. Strange combination... lol. I'm really pale and live in Hawaii (amazingly), and am cold when it's 75 out. I'll try Rodeo in a few months when it's a bit warmer, maybe... and carry a sun umbrella :smile:
  14. I have a friend thats the exact same. She has to wear turtlenecks in the summer to protect her from the sun, but then she gets really cold easily too. But thats besides the point, I hope you have fun shopping!!!