New Twilly Rayons

  1. Got a call today from my SA that a new twilly was in the store - called rayons, and that it would match one of my fave bag... it does indeed... here's why....



    Sorry for the poor photos and flash distortion... was too impatient to wait till daylight to show the true colors. The twilly is fuchsia/pink and matches my fuchsia coromandel bag. I love coromandel, a great pity the leather is not available anymore...sigh...
  2. I am really loving the SS08 twillies..the rayons, the fleur de lotus etc. they match all my bags...

  3. Loving your new twillies!! so bright and cheerful!!
  4. This is so yummy!!!!!! :drool: :love:

  5. wow, stunning, they are perfect for your gorgeous bags.
  6. Congrats, they lok fabulous on your Birkins archangel.
  7. Very lovely, archangel! Is the motif on the Rayons the same as the Kelly Calenche (sp?)?

    And I love the sheen on your fuchsia coromandel. :girlsigh:
  8. Hi S

    similar as in horse carriages but not the same motif... IMO. The caleche has a horse motif I believe but in the twilly it's just carriages..
  9. Here's a pic of the Kelly Caleche vintage 70 carre. Different horse carriage.

    kelly caleche.jpg
  10. archangel, congratulations! I bought mine last week and love it.
  11. I do love all these beauties!!!
  12. The twillies do look gorgeous on your bags!
  13. I love the new twillies! Rayons does look FAB with your Fuschia! Great choice!
  14. Archangel - I love your bags and your twillys. Those colours just make me smile.
  15. Awesome twillys! They do go perfectly with your bags-I'm so glad they have some new designs!