NEW tweed Chanel on Bluefly!

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's new (I've been checking bluefly a lot lately :shame: )
    It's a gogeous Chanel white tweed flap bag for $1,480

    I hope a forumer gets it!
  2. This has actually been there a while, which surprises me because I thought it would go quite fast.
  3. That's funny, when I checked that on Friday it said "not available". They must have received more.
  4. me too!! Haha, I don't want to miss another bluefly spectacular
  5. Gorgeous tweed!!
  6. I wasn't too big on the tweed but this one is so cute!
  7. I have seen this on Ebay before. I am surprised too. Anyone getting it? :smile:
  8. This one has been on Bluefly for a while. It's cute.
  9. It's gone, but they got a few more back:
    black check tweed $1,396

    jacquard breif bag $760

    quilted silk belt bag $680
  10. This is out of stock but I'm kicking myself for not getting it when I saw it on bluefly. grr =/!

    black print twill shoulder bag - $1000
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