New Tutti For Me!

  1. Today I went shopping at South Coast plaza! I went to Macys and found the most perfect Tutti Nuvola for me! I didnt get it when I first saw it, but went to Nordies to see what was there. SOO Many Toki bags were on sale, mostly Notte, and a couple other ones. I saw this lady holding a BV with the original print on the inside! She guarded it with her life. Next thing I knew she was asking me if I was from TPF! Haha she remembered me from one of my posts! Haha I mett my first TPF member, Rachel! I hope she see's this! She ended up buying the OP BV so Im happy for her! As for me, I got a Tutti Nuvola & a Portotelefono!

    I also got Benefits "California Kissin" lipgloss that make your teeth appear whiter, and it works! :graucho:
    Picture 684.jpg
  2. that is so cute! i love mozz on your nuvola, and momobella under the mesh on your porta!
  3. Its funny because my Tutti BV features the 3 girls and this features everything else but them, well cept the lil tidbits of my favorite girl.
  4. Cute stuff! You found a nice Tutti Nuvola. :tup:
  5. Lucky you that your Macy's carries Toki's, none of the Macy's near me have Tokis. Your bags are wonderful and I love Mozzarella on the Nuvola!
  6. Mozarella is perfect!!
  7. I want transporto and vacanze now!
  8. wow!! i didn't like the nuvola until i saw your bag! that is such a cute set, congrats!! :smile:
  9. mozzarella! cute nuvola ^__^

    is there really lipgloss that makes your teeth seem whiter? lol. i would LOVE some of that. these crest white strips get on my damn nerves... and they hurt my teeth haha
  10. Yeah! I tried those crest whitestrips they hurt too! soo I stopped when they lifted my color a lil but the lipgloss does make ur teeth seem whiter, I tried it on today and walked around and someone said my teeth look white, so I had to get it! Haha its just weird, cuhs in pics theyre like suuuuuuper white now...
  11. Oh and it doesnt make ur lips blue, it just has blue shimmer on it
  12. Grats on your new bags, Reynaldo! I do like that Momobella peeking out from the mesh on the Porta :sneaky: ~so cute!
  13. Nice nuvola. I love your porta. It has the perfect placement I love momobella!
  14. Haha I didnt like momo too much when I first saw it, but I decided to give em a chance.

    QUESTION! do you guys keep the que on your portos? or ditch em?
  15. I ditch the qees on Caramellas and I think it would also irritate me on the Portatelefono because I fit them all into my bag like puzzle pieces so there's no room for an odd-shaped item like a qee to be sticking out.

    Once I even removed the keyring (very carefully! scratched my leather cause I wasn't watching and holding it open like I should have been doing). Mostly I just leave the keyring alone now and just remove the chain part & qee.

    However ~ if I use the Porta just for the gym or going out and I wouldn't be putting it into another bag, then I'd let the qee hang out on it ;)