New Turnlock Wristlet - Pics

  1. Here's a couple of pics of my new Turnlock Wristlet that I picked up today.. the interior has a small slip pocket, a D-ring. The photo makes the lining look gray but it's more like the Mineral color.
    002.JPG 003.JPG
  2. Thanks for posting! I want the one in mineral. It looks big on the inside.
  3. How classic. This will be in style for a very long time. Thanks for posting and sorry you had such a hard time getting proper CS!
  4. Wow, that's gorgeous! I love that style. :yes:
  5. Oooooh i love it!!!! I really want it in mineral!!!
  6. oooh, that's pretty!
  7. Ooooh, I really like that! That would be great for an evening out. I'm off to check that out on the website!! Thanks for posting!
  8. Okay, I looked, I need that wristlet - I just can't decide between black and mineral!
  9. I love the wristlet - so cute. I love your Tinkerbelle avatar.
  10. When I saw the Mineral on the website I thought I wanted it... but when I saw it in person I didn't like it as much. Like another poster stated, it was darker than I expected.
  11. very pretty! Sorry about the poor shopping experience!
  12. I'm off to Coach tonight to buy the mineral!!! Love it! It looks like it will hold alot!
  13. Ooh, I really like this. I think it's a good size for a night out and I'm heading to Vegas in a few days...I might need to pick one up :yes:
  14. that is so pretty congrats!
  15. Pretty-- Congratulations!