New TSV now up for order

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395170517.769164.jpg

    Ordered it in the hot pink!

    Fooey! It says advanced order, EDD 5/9 ! Maybe it will get here before then!
  2. Yay! Hope you love your new pink cutie, Rosie! Thanks for posting. I'm pulling the trigger on the Alto Camilla from the 25% off sale, so I'm going to pass on the TSV. (Maybe I can score an "as-is" in a couple of months!)
  3. Thanks for the info! Very cute in the hot pink. I can't wait to see this presentation. :smile:
  4. Can't wait, I am in love with the hot pink! I have a pink thing going on now!

    You're right, I really should wait for an "as is". None of the chevron totes have shown up so far though, if they do, I might get one "as is".
  5. I'll be excited to see your pics and review! I'm especially curious about the size of the bag, and whether it actually IS bigger than the pebbled zip zip. I was fondling a pebbled zip zip in the ivory color at Macy's yesterday, but I made myself put it down. :lol:
  6. That's okay we understand here on the Dooney forum!:biggrin:
  7. Mornin' Rosie!

    Thanks for the heads up on the TSV. I can't wait to see pics of your pink bag when you receive it! It'll also be fun to see pics of other colors as the pre-orders start arriving for others in the forum.
  8. Morning! I hope Q hurries and sends this beauty on to me soon!
  9. I need to stop opening this thread. :roflmfao: I'm really trying not to buy this bag!
  10. Love the Zip Zip in Croco pink! Since it's EDD is not til May, does QVC wait until shipping it to charge you?
  11. Yes, they charge when the bag ships. I'm sure this will ship well before May, though. The presale bags from the Insider always ship early.
  12. Great! How do I get an email about it?
  13. I don't know if you can sign up for the Insider Magazine any longer. It used to be an actual magazine that was published monthly as a paid subscription. About a year ago, they discontinued the magazine but it is still published on the QVC website monthly. I don't know how to request access since they have removed the link from their home page.

    That said, anyone can order using the item number shown in Rosie's first post. There is also an active link in the other TSV thread that GodFreakO started.
  14. Congrats Rosie :nuts::woot::yahoo: That is going to be one gorgeous bag! Can't wait for your review and pics!
  15. Thanks, can't wait to get her! I'm trying not to pull the trigger on that fuchsia Charleston on I Love Dooney for $119 since I will now be all "pinked" out!