New TSA Rules?

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  1. Hi, I am flying in less than two weeks and just want to know are there any new rules I should be aware of for flying? I am flying from Colorado to Calfornia with US Airways are they good company? I do not have any experience flying with them I have only flown Delta and Jet Blue. Any travel tips anyone can recommend would be great since I do not travel often. Thank You
  2. when did you fly last?
  3. March 2013

  4. nothing's changed since then.
  5. Agree about TSA. If you want clarification, check the TSA website.

    US Airways is one of the major US carriers. Its service, like many of the other US carriers, is mediocre IME.

    Don't know your airports but generally speaking CO to CA is about a 2.5ish hour flight without connections.
  6. I am flying out of Denver to Bakersfield it shows about three and half hours but that is because of a layover in Phoenix.
  7. Gotcha. Do you fly out of Denver often? I do a few times a year for business. If it's open, use the security checkpoint on the A bridge on the 2nd floor. Usually not as crowded as the lines down on the first floor.
  8. Awesome thanks for the tip I have never flown out of Denver before I just moved to CO in Dec 2013. Also It says one personal item for my flight do think it would be ok if I put a small purse in my back pack which is my personal item?
  9. Yep, as long as your total number of items you are carrying on is 1. Meaning your backpack = 1 item, and does not count what's inside.

    Have a great trip!
  10. I am going to have to remember this tip! We only fly out of Denver once every few years but sometimes the lines are ridiculous.
  11. I found it a few trips ago. :graucho: It's usually much less crowded than the main security on the floor below. You have to walk on the pedestrian bridge to Term A afterward to then catch the trains to B and C, so it's a little more walking vs. downstairs security, but so worth it (to me!)

    check out the map here:

  12. Thanks for the map this is a big help since I have never been there before.

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