New Trench

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    I have desperately searching for a new trench. After coming through our mall ad exhausting every online site that offers express shipping, I finally headed to Burlington Coat Factory. Of course, the Couch Outlet was nearby and of course I had to peek in to see the deletes. And what do I stumble upon but the perfect trench at 50% off! It is exactly what I was looking for and goes perfectly with my python trimmed small Sadie! It is bone with navy leather trim, but it looks more black. Yay!! I think.

    I spent less than I was prepared to and it was half the price of the MK trench I was looking at. So ready for my trip and for spring!
  2. Congratulations! I saw this at my outlet. I was so tempted by the navy one, because I'm a sucker for any blue two-tone, but I can't justify owning any more since we don't get much rain, and I already own emerald and passion berry. Leave it to Coach: just when I think I've got the prettiest thing ever, they come out with something else I love just as much!

    It looks great with your Sadie.
  3. Thank you. I am petite so I have a hard time finding coats anyway. I will use this for work every day. I am tempted to go back and get the black.

    I almost grabbed a coat from Talbots last night in desperation, but it fit me funky and was terribly unflattering. I am so glad I waited and kept looking.
  4. That looks great!! Love it!
  5. Wow this looks awesome especially with your new bag!!! Congrats!! Victoria's Secret has one that is two tone like this called the secret trench.. It went on clearance a while back and I didn't buy it and then went back to fp ... I still might pick it up, but maybe I need to try this one too... I ordered a short trench from coach - I think it was an mff style and it was nice but looked way bulky on me, this one looks very fitted and streamlined which is what I'm looking for! Thanks for the pics!!
  6. Gorgeous and looks great on you! Congrats!
  7. Love how great it looks on you! Congrats!
  8. Do you have to order it from Victoria's Secret? There isn't a store that has these in stock, is there? I really wish VS would start carrying more clothes in stores. Last year I bought a peacoat from VS. It ran super small. I had bought the 2, returned it for the 6. I don't know if their sizing is consistent across their clothing products but according to the measurements on their sizing chart, a 2 should have fit.

    I think this trench is MFF too. I didn't try it on, but it looks like it is styled exactly the same as mine. Mine does look a little bulky; I think it is because the fabric is somewhat stiff and it doesn't have any shaping around the waist.

    I imagine the Coach trench is better quality than VS. It is the nicest raincoat I've ever owned.
  9. Ahh!! Loving the trench with the Sadie!!'
  10. Thanks. This was MFF. It isn't bulky, but I may get the sleeves taken up. I would never pay the original price though. With the 50% off sale, it was right on target with the price of most other brands that I had looked at.
  11. The sleeves on mine are a bit long too.
  12. It is a bit stiff, but not so much that it fit weird. I have tried on others that were MUCH stiffer. I love the beige short trench on the Coach web site, but after my bag-a-thon over the past two weeks, I couldn't justify spending the money. It looks like a softer fabric in the pictures on the models. Perhaps with my next PCE. Much more practical than the leather jacket, so at least that provides some justification. :biggrin:
  13. Those mod pics are quite beautiful! You look awesome in your new trench, and the mini Sadie is more than icing on the cake. Awesome look!!!!!!
  14. I love the coat!! Looks great on you!
  15. The trench is very flattering on you! I know you are petite but the belt looks like it hits in the right spot and the length looks perfect. The sleeves look like they'll be easy to shorten as the wrist tab is set far back from the end of the sleeve.
    It complements your Sadie well. I love the dark piping and buttons!:smile: