New treasures in the house! (Including the new Book Tote!)

  1. My Mom and I made a special trip to the mall to visit all the new stuff in person. It was a tough decision. But I will get to that in a moment. We always park in the same spot so that means we must walk through Macy's, and by the Coach counter...imagine my suprise when I found the Poppy Signature Demi from the spring line for $75! (It was originally $228) Yes. Score!!! :yahoo: This is the bag that got me hooked on Coach. Yes, I am a new convert, but I have made up for lots of lost time. I pined for it...and at the time I could only justify the little coin purse. And then as we know...Coach came out with a new line and another so hooray! at the store, we were transfixed by the window display, and inside all the luscious new goodies. I *finally* decided on the Hamptons Signature Book Tote. I :heart: LOVE:heart: this size. I thought it was going to be alot bigger when I saw the picture, but it's not. My Mom has the Hamptons Carryall, and it's about two inches taller than that, but about 4 inches less in width. And it seems to be about an inch wider (depth). I'm hoping I am making sense. My Mom was in a generous mood, so she encouraged me to pick out a wallet. So I picked out the matching Slim Envelope Wallet and Skinny Mini. :girlsigh: My poor (less than a month old) Speedy is being neglected!
    coach10.jpg coach11.jpg coach12.jpg coach13.jpg
  2. cute and congrats!
  3. Nice bags..Congratulations!!
  4. Nice! Congrats!
  5. I really like that bag!:love:
  6. CONGRATS! I LOVE the brown, but can't justify it because 90% of my clothing is black or matches better with black than brown.
  7. Congrats!!!!

    Knshdion....most of my clothes are black too...but I've suddenly developed a collection of some dark brown stuff too...enough of one to make me go out and buy some brown shoes. Good news is it means I can use my brown purses with more than just jeans and tennis shoes!
  8. I love your tote!!:heart:
  9. I adore this tote! (as posted in another thread) Congratulations!
  10. That tote is gorgeous...I love the dark brown trim. That is a great price for the poppy demi..congrats! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Congrats! :yahoo:
  12. Congrats!!!!
  13. So cute! Congratulations!
  14. Congrats, I love the tote!
  15. i love the tote! good deal on the poppy. congrats!!!