New TPF Puppy - Introducing Bella the Cavalier

  1. Hi all!

    Meet Bella. She is a 9 week old King Charles Cavalier.

    Likes: Belly rubs, playing with ants, eating cardboard and newspaper
    Dislikes: Being told where to go potty, Worming medicine, baths

  2. Oh my! She is precious!!!! They have the sweetest little faces!
  3. bellacherie - :love: She is gorgeous!! So innocent! A little voice here just said 'goggie'!!

    I bet she is keeping you on 'your toes'. Congratulations bellacherie - you waited to get her - and she is TDF:yes:
  4. Thanks ladies! They do have such innocent faces!
  5. Oh Bella (the tPFer) - you did it!! She's so gorgeous and adorable an just begging for some serious squishing LOL

    How could you say no to those doggy eyes?
  6. ...sorry - i can't resist - wook at hew widdle paws on her teddy weddy!

    ps. I love your floors!

  7. Hehehe I dont know if you can see it in the pics but she was midway through chewing on her teddy when she fell asleep! Such is a puppy's life :love:
  8. Oh my gosh that is tooo cute! Reminds me of when my pom/terrier was still a lil puppy. *sigh*

    Especially love that last pic hehe.
  9. awww, what a sweetie, congratulations on your new family member!
  10. She is absolutely so adorable! I love the descriptions- it is like her own little puppy personal ad!
  11. She's making me smile! I bet you're in love!:yes:
  12. i think i just died from sheer cuteness. i love puppies!
  13. OMG, Bella is so beautiful! Congratulations! :love:
  14. How adorable!!
  15. awwwwwwwwwwww!!! she's so precious, congrats!! :flowers: