new toys!!

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  1. My boyfriend suprised me today with all the minions & yesterday he got me the adios flowers Ipod cover...Isn't that sweet..I wonder what he did wrong...hehehe..I should be buying him gifts after buying that Trenino
  2. lol... funny :smile: so did you get all 8 of the moofia at once or ?

    and post pics! weeee :yahoo:
  3. Ur boyfriend is very very sweet!
  4. aww what a great bf!! yay!! :smile:

    yeah i'd like to see pics of the minions and the i-skin :yes: i love looking at everyone's new toki items!!
  5. Here are the pics...I originally had the adios iskin and it got dirty easily on the he bought me the adios flowers one becuase I love the koi. Then all my moofias & I the Tokidoki dunny that I my smurf collection :yes:
    Picture 041.jpg Picture 038.jpg
  6. aw the moofia:heart: i only have mozzarella & none of the minions..for now. lots of dunnys! oh, i almost got the cw & the mishka dunnys you have
  7. I was just all about getting the Toki dunny. They were blind boxed, and I read that 3/25 were the toki dunny. I was in a UO and found I was paranoid..I had to have the TOki dunny...but how many did I need to buy to get that one...I ended up buying 8 & opening the Toki dunny on the first try..(my boyfriend blew on the bag for luck)..unluckliy the others were not Toki, and I got 3 of the goofy bird & stick one. So I'm going to try and sneak them back.... :devil:
  8. Thats cute!! congrats! Whata sweet guy!
  9. oh wow those minions are bigger than I thought they were!! they're so cute!! I also love your dunnys and your smurf collection is so awesome! Is that a mushroom house i see next to smurfette? You even have Gargamel and Azriel (sp?). lol i wish i bought more of those as a kid .. all i have is a stuffed animal smurf (unless my mom threw him away ... eek!)
  10. I have a smurf house..and gargamel & azreal & a death & angel smurf. I had a cat breeder from Belgium come over to stay with me last fall for a cat show & exchange..I told him my love for smufs, so for x-mas he sent me all of those evidently the smurfs originated in Belgium...I also have the entire glass set from like Mcdonalds or Hardees from when I was a kid. I love the smurfs...I even named my first cat Azreal becuase he was evil looking ;)
  11. ooo elizs I want the CW one! (the one w/ birdy holding a stick) :nuts:

    and that's cute about the smurfs :lol: I :heart: the older cartoons. They don't make them like they used to most of the time!
  12. So cute! I love the smurfs.
  13. elizs! sell the double CW dunnys! my first blind box [also from UO] was Attaboy, and I got two of them, so I gave one to a friend. I also got a blind box Tristan Eaton,which I gave someone. Got the tokidoki [which is adorable], Tilt & Soule open-box,because I wanted those. [but cheaper than mph sold them for]
  14. congrats!! ooooh i love your fantasmino iskin!!!! :drool: ..wah now i want an ipod just so i can get the skin :roflmfao: ..congrats on your toys!! i :heart: the smurfs too!! cute!!
  15. oooo, cute stuff! :]! cool collection!

    p.s.: i love the green wall :biggrin:!!!!