New toys!

  1. I like his gf. She's pink! lol
  2. Oh man I may have to get a toy now. I love adios.
  3. :supacool:
  4. Does anyone have the new 8 inch Qee- Tokidoki bear?
  5. i really like them but I wonder if its just gonna be them in the set, you know like the moofia and the cactus love set. Which still reminds me I dont have choco or soya. anyone wanna trade with me?
  6. I bet that Adios and Ciao Ciao will come in a set. Maybe they'll come together all creepy!! :death:
  7. haha!! yay robokitten for death!! (inside joke)
  8. they are supposed to be sold seperately, i don't remember which vinyl toys site i read that on, but that's what they said.
  9. :death: :death: :death:
    (there are lots of dead people here)
  10. I totally want them!! They are going to be sold separately. I forget how much.
  11. Well the link I gave is giving them separately.
  12. they're supposed to be each $19 or something right? I think there were preorders... they might still have preorders :biggrin:

    nvm just looked at the link
  13. yeah i was hoping it was a set im not sure if want to get any toys at the moment...I haven't even gotten any moofia and minions yet!