New towel, do you like it?

  1. My SA called today and there is a new towel in. Since they only got 1 she set it aside for me, since she knows I like them. What do you think?

  2. I really like it, would look great lying on that towel whilst sunbathing!
  3. Super cute!
  4. it's really nice.. get it!
  5. I like it too! =)
  6. How hot!!!! Do you remember how much it was?
  7. Love the stripes!
  8. tdf!!!!
  9. LOVE IT ! ! ! Whats it run like 2-3 bills ??
  10. Yes, I like it!
  11. that's really cute! do you mind me asking how much it is?
  12. Yes I love it!
  13. Love it! Would go with your Pampelonne. Maybe you might need the GM after all! :graucho:
  14. sorry. i dont like it

    i LOVE IT!

    omg. i cant wait too see it! get it get it get it!
  15. very gorgeous, def. get it-wow :yes: