New Tote

  1. WOW! That is cute... expensive... but definitely cute... :yes:
  2. i think that's a pretty decent price actually...

    eta: it's $448, not $498
  3. How cool! What a fabulous bag to use for travel or rainy days! DANG IT!
  4. that is definitely a cute summer travel bag.
  5. I don't really care for it to be honest--hate to pay that much for a canvas bag.
  6. It is a different design! Love the color on it but the long strap does not do much for me.
  7. KKKKate!!! I just got the significance of your screen name. Is that, from the Sex and the City episode, from The way we were??? OMG, one of my favorites ever.......Please tell me that is what it is!!!!:smile:
  8. Wonder if they'll make it in different colors? I don't think I could justify over $400 for a canvas bag either. But then again, the cotton Carly isn't that much cheaper and I'm interested in it!
  9. i totally agree, canvas is kind of a turn off . . . but to each her own, it's still COACH.
  10. I love the graphic on the bag.

    Kallison - you are right $448 - didn't have my glasses on. I still think it's too much for a canvas bag. I'm trying to think what's the most I'd be willing to pay - if the yellow bits were blue I'd go up to $268. That's where I draw the line for this one!

    lolitablue - I love S&C too but the original inspiration for the screen name came from the dreaded KKKKatie song - grownups would sing it to me when I was growing up. I hated it - good choice for a screen name!!
  11. Cute bag, but I agree that it's a bit pricey for a canvas bag. For $448, I would expect an all-leather bag.
  12. I missed that on the Coach site. It is a great bag thanks for the pics.

    "off to browse Coach site again"
  13. its cute but not for that kinda money if its canvas!! but i would carry it!
  14. Maybe because it's kind of big...did you look at the size of it? It's not a small bag at 17 1/2 (L) x 16 (H) x 6 (W)
    Not my thing, but it's still pretty