New Tote Shapes

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  1. Does anyone else dislike the new tote shapes coming out for Spring? Jill started a thread on the new On The Road tote which has the really wide opening on the top with the trapezoid shape. I also tried on the CC Pocket tote which was also unusually wide at the top. I think the Shopping in Moscou tote had a similar shape. Is this the new trend? I like my totes more symmetrical. I ended up getting the Caviar 31 N/s Tote which has a nice shape and is also really lightweight to carry. I'd love to hear what others think of the new shapes.

  2. Funny you would post this thread as I was just investigating the red tote that is apparently coming for Spring/Summer. It has the silver chain strap and some quilting but not all over. And the interlocking Cs in the leather and not as hardware affixed to the bag. Would you (or anyone) happen to know the name and price of this bag? TIA
  3. BG has a tote that looks like the On The Road only is has slightly shorter straps and is more square. It's a little larger too with three sections inside. That's my favorite so far but it looks very similar to the bag I just bought. I really liked the On The Road at first but now I think they look kind of cheap.
  4. I really like the caviar 31 tote... but not any of the others
  5. baggrl, I think you may be referring to the Caviar 31 N/S tote which is the bag I bought in black. I have posted a photo below of the bag in red. It has stitiching on the sides and across the top, but the rest of the bag is not quilted and it has the stitch CCs on the front. It also has chain handles. This was one of my favorites from the Spring collection. It is really lightweight and seems very functional as well. I didn't realize that it actually has an open pocket on the front of the bag as well, which is great. It has a snap closure on top and interior zip, patch, and cell phone pockets. It also is not asymmetrical like some of the other totes. I think it will make a great every day bag! I hope that helps!

    CC Tote 2.jpg
  6. OMG, I want that in black too! It looks gorgeous!!!!!!
  7. G&s...would u mind giving me the style # and price? Really loving the bag. Tia
  8. The price of the N/S tote is $2600. I believe the style number is A48126. I don't have the bag yet. It arrived yesterday at NM and I will pick up later this week.

  9. G&S, I am not sure if you are getting this bag in red or not, but if you are or if you happen to see one when u r there, can you please let me know if this redis the 10C red? That would be awesome, thanks a bunch!
  10. I am getting the bag in black. I saw the red at the trunk show and I don't think it is the 10C red. I think the 10C red is a really bright lipstick red and this one seemed more muted to me with possibly some orange tones. I don't have color codes, though, and did not compare them side to side since I was getting black. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  11. ^I love the N/S Caviar 31 tote! Agree with you re the On the Road being far too trapezoid.. it doesn't look good sitting on the shoulder.. I wish there were more slouchy tote shapes like the Coco Cabas *wishful thinking* !
  12. I think that bag would be lovely in black! Although I'd have to see how it sits...
  13. Does anyone know if this bag has a very wide base? Love it in black!
  14. Whoever gets it - please post modeling pix. Dying to see it as well. Sounds like an awesome alternative to the heavy chunky GST!!!!
  15. Here is a modeling pic of the red from the thread entitled "More Trunk Show Pics." I liked the way bag felt on. It is really lightweight and the straps were a good length. It was comfortable and seemed extremely functional as well.

    Caviar 31 Model.jpg