New Tote Find in Paris

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  1. I just got back from a fun trip to Paris where I went to all of the Chanel boutiques looking for a specific bag for my wife from the Fall 2010/2011 collection and was disappointed that none of them had it. While looking I did stumble upon this tote and knew immediately that my wife would love it so I walked out with it!
    She has never seen this design before and hope I got something unique, the sales rep said that they did have one in silver too but it was immediately purchased as soon as they put it out and was the only one in Paris. When I told her this I got extra brownie points for being a good husband. Don't know anything else about it (even the style number) has anyone else seen it before? BTW, my wife loved the gift so I think I made the right choice :biggrin:

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  2. She is a lucky lady having you in her life!
  3. Maybe you & my fiance needs to have a talk....
  4. very nice and lucky lady!
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    It's from the new cruise collection which doesn't usually hit the USA till November...I believe it's called the FROZEN fabric (its vinyl)collection..I believe the tote is 2150 in the may be a late fall collection ..not sure.but it's definately called that!
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    Thanks so much for the info on it being the cruise collection and the "Frozen" design. :yahoo:

    The sales associate who sold it to me explicitly said it was in fact patent leather because I asked that specific question since all patent looks like plastic to guys. Is there anyway to tell for sure?
  7. Beautiful bag and ur a great husband! I'm gonna let my husband know what he can do for our anniversary.

    BTW- for $2150 I hope its patent and not vinyl
  8. Actually its from Fall Act 2. I can get the style number tomorrow.
  9. How sweet of you! Congrats to your wife!
  10. i am going to show my DH this thread on our 10th wedding anniversary today. :graucho:
    a4ep, thanks for sharing. Congrats to your wife and on behalf of your wife i would say : keep up the good work!
  11. So sweet of you! :biggrin:
    Can i give you my DH's contact too? :P
    I'm sure your wife will be thrilled over it!
  12. u have to admit we all WISH our hubbies thought like this.
    Mine would look at the price tag and ask the SA if it walked and talked for THAT price..LMAO
  13. ^^ or if it could mow the lawn, or pour him a drink. LOL.
  14. :lol: You all must know my DH
  15. The bag is actually vinyl. I was in Soho NY last weekend and they had one in silver, one in black, and a white one also (I think). My SA, Brandon showed them to me. They were gorgeous.