New Totally MM DE - What should I be checking?

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  1. Hi TPFers!

    So I'd been considering purchasing a DE Neverfull.. My husband and I are currently on holiday in Maui and we wandered into LV the other day. I tried on the new DE totally (MM) and think I have decided on this one. My very lovely husband is going to purchase it for me tomorrow :heart: :graucho:

    I've been reading threads and contemplating... The ones here are Made in USA (I'm not sure if the ones sold in Aus are MIF). From reading older threads, it seems there shouldn't be a quality issue but posters recommended checking the bag thoroughly before purchasing.

    SO! What should I be looking for? The only things I can think of are:

    - straps are in good condition (comfortable, not cracking)
    - DE pattern aligns at seams

    I'm really stuck. Can anyone offer some advice or more detail on these things? I'm super excited about buying my new bag tomorrow :cool: but just want to make sure it's perfect!

    Thank you so much TPFers! :smile:
  2. Maybe look at the glazing to see if there is any cracking , and that it doesn't have a weird or perfume smell to it. To prevent getting a used and return bag.
  3. Nothing. Enjoy your new bag and don't look for problems! Forums like this are great but sometimes they will really make you overanalyze things a lot.
  4. Check the zipper to make sure it aligns properly and that there is not a gap or doesn't line up at either end. I learned this the hard way and mine is MIU.

  5. Great point. I never inspected my bags when I bought them before I joined the forum :smile:
    But now I would check the leather so there are no creases and alignment including the bottom of the bag. GL and enjoy!
  6. My bag has a gap at zipper it dosnt worry me, everyone is different in what they expect and will be happy with I suppose.
  7. It's so easy to get caught up in the moment and not check everything out. And the lighting in-store is terrible! I think the fact that it's on your mind is enough, you'll do great. The most important things to me would be making sure that the canvas and leather straps/trimmings are not damaged. Have fun shopping, hope to see a reveal soon!
  8. Definitely do not take the advice of the person who said not to look it over. That is just crazy. Looking it over thoroughly will prevent you having to make a second trip to the store for whatever reason. No offense to the person who said not to.

    I would check the zipper, leather and inside.
    Woohooo! Do a reveal!
  9. I would check to see if the straps feel comfortable. Would the bag feel comfortable with items inside?
  10. Great thread! This one is next one my list and never even thought to ask this! Enjoy and post pics after please :yes::coolio:
  11. So excited for you! Can't wait to see your reveal and mod shots :smile:
  12. Had my tt mm for over 2 weeks now and i have no problems like the nf damier ebene. When i purchased i look everything really careful. I even saw grass in one of the bag wth!! I don't know why it in there!! Anyways i always make sure no marks or white marks anywhere!!! Gl w your decision!! :smile:
  13. I do appreciate your perspective - but I admit I am definitely the type who overanalyses so this forum is a gold mine for me! :lol: sadly the price of this bag is not a drop in the ocean for me, so it makes me very happy that I considered and researched everything before I purchased. Peace of mind, you know? I probably am being a bit finicky but being fussy about the bag made me happy that it was perfect. Dotting my i's and crossing my t's etc :graucho:

    Thank you EVERYONE for your responses! I really appreciate how thorough and considerate you were. I didn't get a chance to post again (busy enjoying my new purchase!) but I am now very happily the owner of a very beautiful Totally. Love her. :heart:
  14. I originally wanted a Neverfull and after researching on this forum, I was unsure about the issue of the straps cracking. I decided on a Totally for many other reasons but I was determined to make sure I did some research with this bag too. I felt much better after inspecting it to make sure I was looking out for the right things ;) It's my first LV.

    I hope you can purchase a beautiful Totally soon and we can be bag twins! :graucho:
  15. My new love in Maui after I purchased, and at work with me today :biggrin: :heart:

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