New Toronto Store

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  1. Has anyone been to the new Toronto location yet? Its recenly opened and I drove by the other night. It literally sparkls like a jewel! Can't wait to go in, maybe heatstamp something to "break in" the new location!
  2. Have not been yet....but planning to go tomorrow!!!! Just going to "look" at the mono kusama stuff :graucho:
  3. #3 Sep 21, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2012
    i was there 2 weeks ago for my artsy.
    it's spacious and beautiful~ :smile:
  4. I went when I was in the city last weekend. The store is gorgeous! But insanely busy on Saturday..... Way worse than I have ever seen the old store....and everyone was buying.
    The HM salon was going full steam ahead with appointment after appointment.
    My SA said it has been just nuts ever since they opened.
  5. I think I'll pop in one day on my lunch hour this week!
  6. There is a new store? Where? :smile:
  7. It's the new Maison at bloor and avenue beside Gucci!
  8. I went in on their first day of opening. The store is beautiful. A lot more space and everything was just glistening. They have stools next to all the display cases. I was told by my SA that this is called the "bag bar" so customers can relax and select the products with comfort. The second floor has all the ready to wear and the new F/W 2012 Show collection. I so wanted the speedy Monogram sunshine express...all the glittering's just to steep of a price tag for me to purchase.
  9. gorgeous store. Ended up buying 2 Kusama bags