New 'Top Model' Recruits! Weigh In Now

  1. I don't know about you guys but I'm a huge fan of "America's Next Top Model"! The new cycle starts on Sept. 20 and today they announced the finalists. Can't wait for the mutha-effin walk-offs! LOL. And hey, could a blonde finally win this year!? LOL. (pics below) :wlae:

    A.J., Student, 20, Sacramento, Calif; Amanda, Bookstore Sales Associate, 18, Anaheim, Calif.'Anchal, Sales Clerk, 19, Homestead, Fla.; Brooke, Student, 18, Keller, Texas; CariDee, Photographer, 21, Fargo, N.D.; Christian, Bank Teller, 19, Columbia, S.C.; Eugena, Customer Service Rep., 21, Palmdale, Calif. Jaeda, Student, 18, Parkersburg, Iowa; Megg, retail Clerk, 18, Los Angeles; Megan, Bartender, 23, San Francisco; Melrose, Fashion Designer, 23, San Francisco; Michelle, Student, 18, Anaheim, Calif.' Monique, Marketing Representative, 19, Chicago.
    topmodels!.jpg TM7_AJ_159.jpg TM7_CariDee_179.jpg TM7_Megan_104.jpg TM7_Melrose_106.jpg
  2. I like the show but it's just a tivi show. None of the winners will make it as America Next TOP model.
  3. i used to watch the show, as in.. first season. now i think theyre just picking up like 'second-bests, third-bests' etc for the encore seasons.

    ps. melrose is SUCH a hawt name!

    pps. I ALWAYS ROOT FOR BLONDES, whether i watch it or not, i want a blonde to win always haha. im a proud blonde! loves it.
  4. I agree, none of them so far have MADE it as a TOP model!!
  5. i think you have to be rather ODD looking to be on this show..i guess you have to fit "tyra's vision" but i dont see it in any of these girls..?
  6. i love the show too! thanks for the info! ...hehe i just hope theres no embarrasing asian girls this cycle. I was so embarrassed for my kind last season with that horrible korean girl... sigh....:P
  7. oh you mean Gina! That girl was gohgeous ... but a hot mess upstairs! Sooo insecure. But she took a great pic!!

    And I agree with the other posters, they tend to pick girls who are not "conventionally pretty," like Naima and Furonda. Girls who are kinda alien lookin, imo!
  8. Yes -- I agree. They seem to want to pick girls that we would never "suspect" could be successful. I guess they think that will draw more viewers.
  9. The only winner i really liked was cycle 2 Yoanna and that was because she actually had an interest in fashion and knew about designers and stuff. Remember the season where they had to read off the monitor and couldn't pronounce anything - magenta, Hermes, etc? Some of the girls seemed so uneducated and it was sad that they thought that relying on their looks was their only bet for success.
  10. yeah, that was sad/hilarious! no one could say "lacroix" to save their life. esp, shandi. you are right; they were clueless! but they are also young. that poor girl worked at Walmart! honestly, i dint know who lacroix was when i was 19! but i did have a gucci keychain :graucho:
  11. shandi was 'cute' in her own way but i think they put her on the show either because they felt BAD for her, or wanted to add DRAMA to the show :P... sorry shandi!
  12. Johanna was pure classic beauty . The others , not so much ....
  13. I love NTM!:yes: :yahoo:

    I'm currently catching up on the last series of America's NTM, and i'm also watching the current series of Britain's NTM.

    IMO, the American version is much more outspoken and b*tchy than the British version...i think Brits can be too reserved sometimes!!:wlae:

    I think there's been a mix of beautiful and not so beautiful girls throughout each and every series, and that's what makes it interesting IMO...we as the public want the best looking ones to go through, but it's often the most quirky and up-for-the-job girls that actually DO go through.

    I reckon it would be good if we could do a vote system on NTM....where the general public get to vote for which one goes at the end of each week.:jammin:
  14. I stopped watching it after Naima won. The one w/ shandi was my favorite one. I seen Naima IRL at Home (it's a lounge). and Naima looked pretty IRL -- i would think that she was a model...

    I also seen Eva walking in 5 inch stilettos in Soho w/ a cutie holding her shopping bags and two twisted sisters following her (i guess they're her assistant/stylists).. She really is a diva :lol:
  15. None of the pics really blew me away...two standout more than others, but like you all have said...they never pick who you think they really should. I agree...Yoanna was the best pic so far of all the seasons